Quicken Loans Reviews. Spend of the time, they dont use RSU

Quicken Loans Reviews. Spend of the time, they dont use RSU

Company got me through everything after which said RSU is not utilized as payment? Funny since all FANG businesses utilize RSU and Amazon also states RSU are included in the comission procedure and are also to be treated as payment. Dont waste your time and effort with Quicken Loans if you’re in tech or FANG.

I must concur with all the current other that is bad

I have to concur with the other bad reviews about Quicken Loans, I called them and was up front that i had a bankruptcy on my record within the last year and that I did not want them to check my credit and put a ding on because I was trying to rebuild it with them and told them. They then proceeded to accomplish it anyways also though they understand the procedure in addition they realize that we cannot get assistance with different programs for loan assistance for deposit having a bankruptcy within the past year so just why would they also check always my credit and place it in upon it and proceed through all of that if they knew I happened to be perhaps not likely to be authorized anyways.

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